RowanOak Commentary – April 15 2020

It’s more than not selling when markets go down!
RowanOak Commentary – April 15 2020

Easter weekend means different things to all of us, and 2020 will be one we never forget. For some, it’s a long weekend, for others its filled with prayer, and for almost all of us its filled with family and friends. This year it probably felt very different for you. I know for Tracy and I we missed getting together and seeing parents, and our children missed seeing their grandparents and cousins. We will never forget this Easter weekend!

As we head into another week of disorganized home schooling, sweat pants, long walks, new recipes, calls, emails, and FaceTime chats, I have learned to embrace this “new normal” for what it is – one big learning experience! It’s tough, it’s not perfect, but there are many things to be positive about and thankful for.

I recently heard an encouraging quote and saw a couple of interesting reads the other day and thought I would share them with you.

  1. We’ve all heard that HOPE is not an investment strategy, but… “HOPE is not pretending that there’s never any sorrow, it’s the knowledge that our troubles will be overcome tomorrow.  It’s the inner strength we call on to sustain us now and then, till our problems lie behind us, and we’re happy once again.” 
    Source: I have no idea, but one of my clients shared this quote with me the other day and I liked the message.
  2. An excellent article on Mental Health Wellness.  If you get just one idea to help you during this stressful time, then it was worth the two minute read.  Please click here to read the article.
  3. School Mental Health Ontario for more tips!

Have a thankful week everyone, call, or email us if you need anything from your Wealth Management Team.

Be well, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Warm Regards,

Paul Rowan
President, Chief Executive Officer
Chairman of Investment Committee

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