Who We Are

Who We Are

Personalized Solutions and a Steadfast Attention to Detail

RowanOak Private Wealth Counsel stands apart in an industry providing rudimentary financial planning. Quite often, these plans fail to address an individual’s specific need and are an after-thought to the client’s investment portfolio.

Our fully integrated team approach believes planning is the first and most important step to building a successful and lasting wealth management strategy. Our firm has spent years creating a distinct and successful approach to wealth management individually tailored to each client and family. We have assembled a team of professionals to deliver this highly personalized and unique service to each client and family we work with.

RowanOak Private Wealth Counsel understands the benefits of working with specialists such as professional accountants, lawyers and business consultants to assist when necessary. Of course, if you have your own preferred partners we will be more than happy to work alongside them.

Our Families

As a team, we examine each families total financial picture going beyond the industry standard. By analyzing tax returns, cash flow statements and estate planning needs we ensure alignment with their investment objectives. As private wealth managers, we strive to maximize each client’s after-tax wealth subject to their specific risk tolerance and portfolio constraints.

At RowanOak Private Wealth Counsel, we help our families manage their wealth within the context of an overall wealth management plan, which may include investments, risk, tax, and estate planning strategies. In fulfilling our role, we must understand each client’s unique financial and lifestyle goals and ensure that the investment strategy matches these goals and their particular situation.

If you would like to discuss how RowanOak Private Wealth Counsel can assist in creating your wealth management plan please contact us to arrange an initial conversation.

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